Grow smarter.
Grow faster.

HERBL takes you beyond fulfillment. Our experienced leadership team will help you efficiently manage the inventory, the assortment, the sales, the distribution, the whole nine yards. Which means you’ll have more time to focus on doing what you do best. And, because we don’t have our own brands or dispensaries, we’re always focused on yours.

Total Expertise

  • Best in Class Technology Platform

    Automating, simplifying, and scaling inventory management, ordering, and fulfillment

    • World class enterprise software
    • Highly scalable IT platform
    • Industry leading supply chain solution with a proprietary code for cannabis industry
    • Multiple technologies interwoven to create a unified and unparalleled experience for customers

  • Curated Retail Services

    Bringing the best assortment of brands and inventory strategies to retailers and their customers

    • Globally-scalable centralized inventory management
    • Predictive analytics down to the store level
    • Budtender training platform
    • Assortment testing and planning
    • Space optimization including plan-o-grams
    • SKU level replenishment recommendations
  • State of the Art Security and Climate Control

    Ensuring safe delivery and peace of mind

    • Three strategically-located campuses, five licensed buildings
    • 27 armored trucks to ensure safe delivery
  • Dedicated Sales Management Team

    Serving and advising brands and retailers across the state

    • 20+ full-time sales managers on the road, selling your product
  • Full Compliance, Regulatory and Legal Support

    Helping you do business in California

    • Full-time team and compliance officer who also consults with the state of California
  • Superior Distribution Solutions

    Maximizing efficiency, routing, sustainability, and scale

Total Coverage

  • Three campuses spanning the state of California
  • Large internal sales team serving and advising every customer
  • Serving 98% of all storefronts
  • 650+ storefront retail customers
  • 200 direct to consumer customers
  • More than 75% of retail customers are within 100 miles of HERBL