Cannabis Distribution Services

HERBL brings together the best brands and retailers to make every step of the process more efficient, sustainable, scalable, and profitable. We provide comprehensive supply chain solutions for over 850 licensed retailers (brick & mortar and delivery) across California. From curated retail services and inventory management to secure delivery and fulfillment, HERBL delivers.


HERBL is at the center of compliance and commerce. We provide:

  • Compliance & regulatory support
  • Transportation
  • Product testing
  • Record keeping
  • Storage
  • Tax collection

In California, only a licensed distributor may legally distribute cannabis goods, cannabis accessories, and licensees’ branded merchandise or promotional materials. We do all that...and more.

Retail Services

To bring the best assortment of brands and inventory strategies to retailers and their customers, we also provide:

  • Globally-scalable, centralized inventory management
  • Predictive analytics down to the store level
  • SKU assortment testing and planning

Data & Insights

We're gathering data at scale from brands, retailers, suppliers, as well as POS vendors and data companies. These data driven insights will:

  • Transform demand forecasts into a curated store level customer experience
  • Inform assortment planning (at the state, city, and store level), sales planning, pricing, promotions, and buying decisions
  • Drive wholesale pricing strategies, assortment opportunities, supply chain capacities, and sales planning