HERBL provides an unparalleled range of services and capabilities to the cannabis industry. Whether you are a grower/manufacturer, processor or dispensary, HERBL is uniquely qualified to be your collaborative supply chain partner.

Category Management: HERBL curates and purchases the highest-quality product from cultivators and manufacturers. By forming relationships with producers of top-quality products, we ensure you have nothing but the best to choose from so your business can focus on providing a first class retail experience.

Warehousing: Our state-of-the-art distribution centers are designed with safety and quality front-of-mind. Onsite Quality Assurance inspections, third-party testing protocols, and climate-controlled warehouses guarantee that only the best product makes it safely into your inventory.

Transportation: With safety and quality as a top priority, climate-controlled vehicles make certain that  your product is delivered in the same condition it left our distribution center. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with boundary-safeguarded GPS trackers and exceptionally high security features. Our drivers are trained professionals, with a laser focus on customer service.

Quality: Quality control is evident in every step of our process. From the warehouse to your front door, rest easy in knowing that only the highest quality products will arrive. We take on the vital responsibility of assuring the overall quality and third-party testing of the products our customers receive, as well as making certain that they have been properly stored and cared for every step along the way.

Compliance & Regulatory: We are well-versed in all aspects of compliance and the regulatory process for Local and State government. We have on-staff experts who have been immersed in the regulatory and legal aspects of the industry for years, and have a comprehensive understanding of MAUCRSA. From origin to final point-of-sale, we take pride in the fact that products are delivered in full compliance with all state regulations.

Market Research: By keeping on the pulse of industry and regulatory progressions, we will not only adapt our business to provide better service, but also share insights with our trading partners to help refine their business. HERBL will continually utilize market data to support decisions that our suppliers and customers are making for their business.

Supply Chain Audit: Our vetting process starts long before the product reaches our shelves. We take great care to scrutinize where our products come from -- as far back as its origin point -- to ensure only the highest quality products are stocked in our distribution centers. Everything from production methods, volume capabilities, and quality control standards are taken into account when we consider a new product line.

Sales & Marketing: We work hard to find the best brands available and assist our partners in how to communicate the brand story. Our sales associates are a support team who understand the customer’s needs first-hand, and provide solutions to help our customers grow their business. Think of them as your own personal Sherpa guides.