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Retail Partner Tool Kit

Below are the tools HERBL Retail Partners can use to access all of HERBL’s offerings:

HERBL Brand Partner Assets & Support

HERBL Brand Partner assets, such as Sales Flyers, Product Images, and additional Brand Assets, can be found on the HERBL Brand Partner Asset page. Each graphic clicks through to the Brand Partner assets.

Brand Support contacts are listed on the HERBL Brand Partner Asset page as well as on each individual Brand Page in the HERBL Brands Catalog.


The HERBL Menu is HERBL’s most up-to-date available inventory. SKU information and availability is updated regularly throughout the day.

HERBL Brands Catalog

The HERBL Brands Catalog is updated once a month, at the beginning of each month, and is a tool to support Brand Education and offerings.

HERBL Promo Catalog

The HERBL Promo Catalog is updated every Monday and Wednesday at 10 am with new promotions and SKU information.

Customer Care

Have questions about a delivery or looking for additional support?

Call HERBL Help at 805-420-HELP

NOTE: HERBL is constantly innovating and evolving to meet our Retail Partner’s needs. The above items, and or processes, are subject to change at any time.