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Coastal Sun


The team at Coastal Sun is passionate about providing safe, clean, planet-friendly flowers and pre-rolls to communities across California and beyond. The mission: to redefine high-quality cannabis and push an emerging industry in a direction that benefits all. Coastal Sun’s biodiverse, central farm in Santa Cruz, CA, was the first to achieve USDA Organic, OCal, and EnvirOganic certifications, paving the way for a new generation of innovators and establishing their role as global leaders in organic cannabis. Working with nature instead of against it allows Coastal Sun to efficiently grow healthy cannabis that’s better for the planet and pass the savings on to the people.


Coastal Sun Products

Flower – 3.5g Jars
Pre-Rolls – 3.5g 10pk

Coastal Sun Budtender Training

Check out the Coastal Sun budtender training course, created by Zoltrain.

Brand Support

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