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Remembering Lex Gemas – One year later

HERBL Updates
One year ago today we lost our colleague and dear friend Lex Gemas, and the world lost an amazing human.

He was one of the most genuine, kind, and sincere people that we’ve ever known and there will forever be a void on the HERBL team.

A thoughtful person shared this when Lex passed, it’s too good not to share:

No matter what you believe or follow, the people we lose are never really gone. We are all influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.  They become a part of who we are, the values we keep, and the decisions we make. While those closest to us are the most difficult to mourn, they are also the biggest parts of our identities. So as long as we stay true to that identity and never stop reliving the memories made together, they will always be part of our lives, even after death.

Cheers to our dear friend, Lex.