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Remembering Jack Herer: The Man Behind The Strain

Cannabis Culture

Jack Herer is a popular, sativa-dominant strain of cannabis that is named after an admired American cannabis activist whose grassroots efforts led to cannabis legalization for medicinal and recreational use. While many enjoy this award-winning strain in the form of flower, oil, or concentrates, they might not have heard the full story of the man that the strain is named after – the one who’s been dubbed “The Emperor of Hemp”. 

Jack Herer devoted much of  his life to fully understanding cannabis and the expansion of hemp; he was an advocate, an author, and a founding member of the Cannabis Action Network. His 1985 book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, became known as the “The Bible of Hemp” and covered almost every aspect of cannabis and hemp. He argued cannabis’s historical significance as a beneficial plant and hemp’s underappreciated impact as an agricultural product for hundreds of years. The book was a product of years of study and is acclaimed as one of the biggest advancements in legalization efforts and has helped millions around the world better understand the significance of cannabis and the myths that continue to surround it. 

Herer was also a founder of The Cannabis Action Network, which was created to organize a national front for promoting the legalization of cannabis for medical, industrial, and personal uses. Looking back at Jack’s life, the cannabis community wouldn’t be the same without this advocacy and efforts. 

Today, we celebrate Jack Herer, the man who paved the way for cannabis legalization and are grateful for his contribution to our freedom of cannabis, his reminder to keep an open mind and educate ourselves, and his inspiration to take a stand for social and political change. 

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