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Introducing Revelry Herb Co.

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About Revelry Herb Co.

Our crew is a team of adventurers that like to explore and enjoy life. We prefer to enhance our experiences by enjoying quality cannabis. We built Revelry Herb Company on those same principles. We want people to find their passions, and use our flower to enjoy those moments even more.

From the highly curated strain selection, to smell proof accessories, Revelry has every step of consuming and storing your flower covered. Our focus on the outdoors and giving back to the community, helps us resonate with fellow adventurers, explorers, and those who strive to live “Off the Clock”.


Revelry is dedicated to providing a strong list of genetics through our farm based in Salinas. We use mixed light (Sun and LED) to allow for the highest quality flower with a year round supply that has an accessible price point for our customers. Additionally, our farm is committed to leaving a minimal footprint by using 150% less power, 50% less water, and no pesticides whatsoever. Although it’s not an easy task. This follows Revelry’s core values of nature first, and distinguishes our brand and products from many others.


Revelry is committed to offering artisan quality, mixed light flower, that stays consistent through every batch. Without compromise to the final product, we make sure our cannabis is priced for accessibility so that all walks of life can experience it. 

Grown in small artisan batches, our premium buds are hand selected to excite your senses and offer optimal potency. In each cultivar we offer, you can see, smell, and taste the quality and freshness.

Enjoy our flower and join us as we live off the clock.


From the same quality buds that are used in our jars, we roll each cone with the same care you would at home. Every cone has a robust flavor profile; ideal for the cannabis connoisseur.

Smell-Proof Accessories

Our products are inspired by a desire to create gear that seamlessly transitions through every part of your day. Whether you are outdoor adventuring, on a road trip, or simply kicking back at home, our technical yet simple designs have you covered. We focus on the details to create products that are both simple and discreet, while also using quality materials and construction to make products that last. Our classic aesthetic, paired with our attention to detail, make our collections perfect for any adventure you embark on.

Revelry is extremely proud to partner with HERBL. We couldn't be more excited to launch our flower, pre-rolls, and smell proof gear.

- Brandon Stewart, CEO, Revelry

Revelry Herb Co.

Since 2015, Revelry is dedicated to supporting the cannabis consumer through the lens of adventure. With a broad variety of products ranging from smell proof luggage to cannabis flower and pre-rolls, Revelry’s lineup is uniquely committed to enhancing the cannabis lifestyle by the promotion of exploration and enjoyment of life.