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Introducing Coastal Sun

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Organic Cannabis Can Change The World

The team at Coastal Sun is passionate about providing safe, clean, planet-friendly flowers and pre-rolls to communities across California and beyond. The mission: to redefine high-quality cannabis and push an emerging industry in a direction that benefits all. Coastal Sun’s biodiverse, central farm in Santa Cruz, CA, was the first to achieve USDA Organic, OCal, and EnvirOganic certifications, paving the way for a new generation of innovators and establishing their role as global leaders in organic cannabis. Working with nature instead of against it allows Coastal Sun to efficiently grow healthy cannabis that’s better for the planet and pass the savings on to the people.

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Nutrient Rich Cultivation

On Coastal Sun’s central farm in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, they use two main styles of cultivation: Regenerative Soil Farming in the full sun gardens, and Bioponics (organically growing in containers) in the greenhouse and blueberry gardens.

Both styles focus on building a rich community of microbiology, which boosts nutrition uptake and creates healthy, phytonutrient rich plants.

Regenerating Our Planet

After a generation of industrial farming, fertile topsoil is critically low. This process, known as desertification, has all but erased microbiology from the spaces in which they cultivate.

It’s time to bring the biology back! At Coastal Sun’s Farm, and their network of Partner Farms, a spectrum of techniques are used to create thriving, biodiverse ecosystems, and to regenerate the soil.

Innovating Into the Future

In Coastal Sun’s 48,000 square foot flowering greenhouse, and six acres of blueberries, they have found a home with bioponics. With this method, they build mini-ecosystems of microbiology within each pot.

Bioponics conserves precious resources by recycling water, nutrients, and growing media, and helps them better use the space by increasing production per square foot. No worries about erosion and nutrient runoff means they can focus on the health of each individual plant.

Reversing Climate Change

The benefits of organic, regenerative farming are endless. By reinstating microbiology back into their soil, excess carbon is taken from the atmosphere and drawn into the ground where it once was.

This process is vital and absolutely necessary for restoring the health and balance of our planet.

“As leaders of the California organic cannabis movement, we see the relationship with HERBL as a natural fit. With their UNFI background in organic produce distribution and ours in organic blueberry cultivation, teaming up to deliver CA consumers high-quality, affordable organic cannabis products makes perfect sense.”

— Darren Story, CFO & Co-Founder, Coastal Sun


The Hand Select line is all about delivering their highest quality flower. Whether from the bioponic greenhouse at their Central Santa Cruz farm, or various controlled environment gardens at their partner farms, you can rest assured that these are some of the most beautiful, nutrient rich, and tastiest organic nugs in California.


Experience a new era of full flower pre-rolls — After years of focusing on the art of cultivating flavorful, healing, organic flowers, Coastal Sun is ready to move into the pre-roll (& infused pre-roll) game! Their goal is to match the magic of a fresh, clean & delicious hand rolled joint at an accessible price.

Coastal Sun

Coastal Sun intelligently cultivates clean Enviroganic certified greenhouse cannabis on our organic farm in the hills of south Santa Cruz County. Sustainably grown cannabis, because Healthy Plants Heal Humans!