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Introducing allswell

HERBL Brands

one plant, one world, one people.

allswell is an affordable and sustainably grown cannabis brand. Their goal is to be a uniting force, bringing better feelings, peaceful bodies, and calmer minds to all.

why allswell flower?

· Great quality at a great price

· Consistency you can count on

· Sustainably grown in Central California

allswell stands for:

accessibility: access to cannabis should be a right not a luxury.

efficacy: high quality cannabis, higher terpene content, and fuller spectrum cannabinoid profiles.

simplicity: you don’t need to be a cannabis connoisseur to find the right product for you.

color: we believe cannabis can bring color to a sometimes challenging world.

inclusivity: celebrating community and inclusivity through cannabis.



Cherry Bing – Sativa

Slide into an upbeat, vacation-ready mood with Cherry Bing. Its cherry-forward flavor mingles with the scent of mint and earth to get the party started. Whenever you spark up this sweet strain, every day feels like a summer vacation.

You May Feel: Euphoric, Balanced, Cerebral

Tasting Notes: Ripe Cherry, Spearmint, Soil


Lemon Bars – Hybrid

You can’t help but feel your lips start to pucker the instant you get a whiff of these super sour buds. Reminiscent of the old-school hard lemon candy, this well-balanced hybrid gives you a childlike sense of wonder mixed with stoney happiness. Starting with a burst of energy, you’ll be able to explore the deep recesses of your mind while simultaneously releasing stress.

You May Feel: Creative, Energetic, Uplifted

Tasting Notes: Sour Candy, Lemon, Earth

Deep Diesel OG – Indica

Set your mind free of its stress and ease into endless euphoria with Deep Diesel OG. Its tangy yet gassy aroma instantly grabs your attention and takes you high into the sky. As you’re snuggling up with the clouds, your imagination will run wild with fantastical ideas that only high-quality weed can give you.

You May Feel: Euphoric, Liberated, Chill

Tasting Notes: Fuel, Sweet Citrus, Earth

Columbian Cookies – Hybrid

When you need an afternoon pick-me-up, go ahead and dip your hands into this cookie jar. Brimming with smooth fruit flavors and an earthy aroma, this uplifting strain gets your day back on track in just a few tokes. If you ask us, Columbian Cookies is the best-kept secret for tackling your to-do list with joy and ease.

You May Feel: Focused, Clearheaded, Upbeat

Tasting Notes: Tart Cherry, Earth, Ice Cream

Beach Gorilla – Indica

Marked by its body-melting effects, Beach Gorilla brings on the sunny vibes when rest just won’t come easily. As your worries drift off into the sunset, allowing you to find peace, your body will gradually dip into a state of deep physical relaxation. And if you like sharp yet smooth flavors, roll these buds into a solo joint and let the good times roll.

You May Feel: Relaxed, Heavy, Euphoric

Tasting Notes: Diesel, Chocolate, Pine


rolled & ready to go. allswell quality flower rolled up in ready-to-smoke joints. Looking for weeklong provisions or something to share? Pick up a 10 pack of half grams. Low stress, low work, low prices, and high highs.

flower pouches

Live life in color with their bags of high quality cannabis. No frills, no fancy packaging, just high quality and consistent cannabis in every bag.


United by nature, Allswell products are made from high quality cannabis which means more terpenes and fuller spectrum cannabinoid profiles which in turn means more effective products.

They keep their prices low because they believe the benefits of cannabis should be a right not a luxury.