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HERBL Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Kings Garden Inc.

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Supply chain company partners with California's preeminent cannabis brand

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/HERBL, California’s largest cannabis supply chain company, announced its exclusive distribution partnership with Kings Garden Inc. (Kings Garden), one of California’s top cannabis producers. Through this relationship, HERBL will now distribute Kings Garden’s full line of flower, pre-rolls and concentrates.

Based in Coachella Valley, Calif., Kings Garden is the state’s preeminent indoor cannabis cultivator, specializing in premium boutique products at an impressive scale. Kings Garden boasts a 250,000 square foot operational footprint for indoor cultivation, manufacturing, and processing. There is an additional 415,000 square feet currently under construction. The operation produces over 1,000 pounds of hand-trimmed cannabis each week, including indica strains like Banana OG, hybrids like Gelato and sativa like Platinum Blue Dream.

Kings Garden has already made its mark on the California market with the success of Charlie Kieley’s recipe – a proprietary process that ensures that a new grow of each strain maintains the exact same flavor, smell, and effects. Every plant is slow-dried and cured for two weeks without being touched. This guarantees the flavors and terpenes are precisely what is expected by the consumer. Finally, each bud is harvested by hand to prevent damage and maintain their size and shape. This careful, strategic process has allowed Kings Garden to create a significant presence in California.

“It is clear that Kings Garden puts thoughtful and painstaking effort into cultivating flower with an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency,” said Mike Beaudry, Founder and CEO of HERBL. “HERBL is thrilled to partner with such an original and trailblazing brand and help increase their presence throughout the state we call home.”

“We are honored to work with the biggest and the best in the industry. We are incredibly impressed with HERBL and are extremely excited to do great business together for many years to come. The team at HERBL are professionals of the highest caliber and their results reflect amazing leadership of Michael Beaudry and his executive team,” said Michael King, Co-founder and CEO of Kings Garden.

“Since our inception in 2015, our now 200-member team has strived to create cannabis at a higher standard, unique in its consistency of experience and overall quality,” said Charlie Kieley, Co-founder and COO of Kings Garden. “We are proud of every strain that we produce and look forward to working with HERBL to share our family of products across California.”


HERBL is California’s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain solutions company servicing more than 850 storefront and non-storefront retail licensees. Founded in 2016, HERBL brings the state’s leading cannabis retailers and top brands together through innovative technology, unparalleled service, and both high-security, state-of-the-art facilities and trucks. HERBL’s team consists of a strong mix of legacy cannabis operators and entrepreneurs alongside distribution and retail experts with extensive experience in large-scale global supply chains. Exclusive brand partners include leaders in flower, vapes, edibles, topicals, pre-rolls, and concentrate. To learn more, visit or follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

About Kings Garden

Based in Coachella Valley, Kings Garden Inc. is California’s predominant cannabis cultivation, processing and manufacturing company, specializing in the world of premium grade boutique products at an unsurpassed commercial scale. Now one of the largest producers in California, Kings Garden prides itself on having organized a highly experienced cannabis management and operations team, while being fully compliant and licensed across the state of California. From its inception, Kings Garden has held unwavering values focused on superior quality of end products, its team of management and employees who are considered family, giving back to local communities, and the advancement of the cannabis industry as a whole. For more information visit or