Why Herbl?

With the California cannabis industry now working under a new set of rules with product regulations, market demands and distribution models all in their infancy, HERBL has designed a collaborative value-add distribution model serving our suppliers and customers. HERBL is here to be your partner in the evolution.

Core Competency – HERBL is laser-focused on cannabis distribution only, giving all of our attention to supporting brands and retailers in what’s best for their businesses. We believe having company-owned brands inherently creates a conflict of interest, so we have chosen to be a pure play cannabis distribution company. By not having company-owned competing brands, you can take comfort in knowing that every action we take is in a brand or retailers best interest.

Compliance: We are a Local jurisdiction and State licensed cannabis distributor. Our team is fully versed in California state law to ensure operational compliance with all cannabis regulations. We serve as your record-keeper for certificates of analysis and track and trace programs, as well as providing tax collection.

Scalability: We are a proven supply chain operator with decades of experience distributing high volume perishable products. Having managed supply distribution for some of the nation’s biggest brands and highest volume retailers, our experience is deep and relevant.

Quality: Working within a highly perishable and newly regulated industry, quality is at the forefront of every step of our process. Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities incorporate QA procedures directly into the stocking process, complete with sectioned quarantine areas and climate-controlled facilities. All suppliers are fully vetted to confirm stocking of only the highest-quality product.

Security: The cornerstone of our industry is accountable security. Leveraging the latest technology available, our facilities utilize state-of-the-art features to ensure absolute protection  of product within our distribution centers. Our drivers then utilize GPS-monitored high-security delivery vehicles, to safeguard the timely delivery of product to market.

Culture: We care deeply about relationships, integrity, collaboration, and are always committed to doing what’s right. We honor this belief when working with our suppliers, our customers, and our team members. Our team is a blend of individuals with decades of cannabis experience combined with a hand-picked team of supporters who have significant experience in Sales and Operations in high-volume perishable distribution.

HERBL believes in, supports and embraces the long history and culture of the cannabis industry. Mike Beaudry, our founder, has been a passionate supporter for many years and understands the culture firsthand.

We are indebted to the countless individuals who have come before us to pave the way for a new cannabis business to flourish. Without their advocacy efforts, none of this would be possible.