The Herbl Advantage

A partnership with HERBL is a partnership with collaboration as its ideology. We are your supply chain experts, managing each step of the way with precision and insight amassed from decades of distribution experience. Having worked with some of the nation’s largest natural & organic branded companies and retailers from coast to coast, we truly understand the benefits of a value-adding professional distribution service.

Growers/Manufacturers: HERBL’s mission is to be the relied-upon wholesale source for retail cannabis, creating synergetic partnerships to achieve this. We consider representing brands as an honor and a privilege. By providing secure, quality-controlled warehousing and transport, you can feel confident that your brand is in experienced hands. Utilizing climate-controlled high security warehouses and vehicles, proper storage is guaranteed. We also ensure all tax collection and legally mandated recording procedures are completed.

Serving as your brand ambassador, our sales team offers continued retail awareness for the finest products available. By partnering with licensed, high-quality cultivators and manufacturers, we guarantee that your products are sold to permitted and licensed retailers only, removing risk for your brand.

Dispensaries: Imagine ordering an assortment of products from one supplier, which are stocked in a climate-controlled distribution center. Soon, you receive your scheduled delivery, on time, right to your door from one of our temperature-controlled vehicles, with all of the products you ordered, as promised. Even better: all third party approved test results are in hand for your next-level service and assurance. THAT is the HERBL advantage.

Similar to the advent of the natural/organic food industry, much of the current product acquisition process for cannabis retailers involves a great deal of work in the back room. Working with a distributor provides a number of advantages to increase the quality and efficiency of your business.