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grow bigger,


supply chains are the linchpin to growth.

Brands and retailers simply can’t scale without it. But cannabis distribution services are just the beginning of what a true supply chain solutions company like HERBL delivers. HERBL offers a one-stop shop for everything from full-service cannabis distribution and data insights to sophisticated inventory management, e-commerce, and B2C delivery.

brand boosting services.

Growing brands need superior cannabis distribution services and a strategic partner who can help you scale. That’s HERBL for you. Unlike a third party logistics (3PL) company, we do way more than move boxes. We move your brand ahead.
Full-Service Statewide Cannabis Distribution

From state-of the-art security to full compliance coverage, regulatory, and legal support

Trade Marketing

Catalog, brand education, training programs, digital campaigns and more to accelerate demand for your brand

Dedicated Statewide Sales

30+ full-time Account Managers working on your behalf to open more doors and increase share of shelf

Data-Driven Insights, Support and Execution

Intelligence that informs everything from SKU performance and production planning to assortment and inventory productivity


services that make retailers rejoice.

HERBL brings together the best brands and retailers to make every step of the process more efficient, sustainable, scalable, and profitable. From secure, statewide delivery of the leading brands to curated retail services to improve performance and profitability.
Full-Service Statewide Cannabis Distribution

Maximizing efficiency, routing, sustainability, and scale with 7 licensed buildings in 2 states, and 40+ armored trucks

Value-Added Cannabis Services, Driven by Data

Gathering data from across the industry to inform everything from Inventory management, assortment architecture, and store level analytics