About Us

Bringing business to cannabis.

Born, bred, and built for California.

Mike Beaudry, a supply chain expert and president of UNFI, the largest U.S. natural food distribution supply chain, attended his first cannabis trade show. He was struck by the similarities between the natural foods and legal cannabis sectors. Driven by his passion for distribution and cannabis, he spent the next two years immersing himself in the world of cannabis—meeting with growers and dispensary owners, learning everything he could about the plant, the history, the complex legalities, and the challenges of distribution. Next he recruited a team of experts who also shared his belief in the promise and potential of cannabis. Together, they created HERBL to help make cannabis more accessible to everyone.

Today, HERBL is the largest cannabis supply chain company in the largest cannabis market in the world. Focused 100% on California, we’re passionate about helping brands and dispensaries grow and scale their businesses here. We’re exclusively partnering with top-selling brands and delivering to over 850 retailers across California. We know the market inside and out. We respect the pioneers who paved the way. And, we honor and respect the legacy of California cannabis while we help shape its future.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has built some of the most extensive supply chains in food, pharma, retail, and logistics. And, we’ve also assembled an OG team that comes from beyond the corporate world—people who have lived and breathed the cannabis journey.

  • Mike Beaudry
    Founder + CEO
    United Natural Foods
    President and Head of Operations
  • Art Smuck
    FedEx Supply Chain
    President + CEO
  • Lex Gemas
  • Jackie Hartwell
    United Natural Foods
    VP of Finance
  • Marc Sherman
    FedEx Supply Chain
    VP of Information Technology
  • DeAnna Wassom
    Head of Global Marketing
  • Bradley Peacock
    General Counsel + Chief Compliance Officer
    FedEx Supply Chain
    SVP + General Counsel
  • Jen Pena
    VP, HR
    Calyx Peak Companies
    VP, Human Resources
  • Donna Leach
    SVP, Supply Chain
    Director of Global Supply Chain
  • Nick Griffith
    VP, Growth
    Head Buyer, Founder of Cub City (Cultivation)
  • Jason Pitts
    VP, Purchasing + Inventory
    Pottery Barn
    VP of Operations and Inventory Strategy
  • Andy Fleet
    VP, Loss Prevention
    Director of Security
  • Jared Ficker
    Chief Regulatory Strategist
    Axiom Advisors
    Leading California cannabis regulatory affairs consultant
  • Jeff Kirwan
    Senior Advisor
    President + CEO

Fast Facts

  • 850+ storefronts serviced across California
  • 1000+ SKUs from the top-selling brands
  • 20+ full-time sales managers for statewide coverage
  • 5 licensed buildings on 3 strategically located campuses
  • 27 armored trucks to ensure safe delivery
  • 180+ people focused on you